3 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Leads

2 min readSep 15, 2022

I always see my clients fall into this trap — they think it’s best to just “get the MVP out as quick as possible”.

Inevitably, they compromise on these 3 things:

☝️ Research

The research phase is critical when writing copy that converts. And you’re writing copy to get people to convert, correct? It’s not purely to ‘put out’ information on your website or through emails.

You need to understand who your prospects really are — especially in their moment of pain, when they’re making the decision to say ‘yes’ to your solution. Where are they when they make the decision? Who do they have to convince before saying yes? Themselves.. their boss.. their partner?

Your prospect’s decision-making process is nuanced. Do you really know what those nuances are?

✌️ Understanding their true value

Every client I work with knows their service provides value… but when I ask them directly, they struggle to pinpoint what ‘Job To Be Done’ they fulfill for their customers.

The result? They aren’t able to express their value on the page, leaving out crucial details that could tip your prospect towards the Yes.

How can you fix this? See the first point 😉

🤟 They skip testing

Testing your copy and UX is essential to understand what’s working and what needs to be changed. Clients often miss this point, or say they’ll “do it later” (often later never comes — because business gets busy!).

Tools like Usertersting, heat maps, and use-case interviews are incredibly helpful to find out what potential customers are thinking when they interact with your web copy, landing pages, or emails.

Do you think your organization hits all these points? In a modern world, where 90% of startups fail, moving quickly feels like the only way forward.

Here’s your reminder to slow down for a sec and focus on quality when attracting your leads.

Here’s how I’d recommend approaching a copywriting project instead 👉 https://www.kayathewriter.com/work-process

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